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About Us

The Vision

We envision a Nigeria in which government, business and civil society are free of corruption.

Corruption Observatory is an incorporated trustee with registration number CAC/IT/84193. Our main objectives are to promote good governance, raise awareness on the ills of corruption.

Good Governance


At the heart of our mission lies an unwavering belief that real change is not only possible but essential for Nigeria

We envision a Nigeria vastly different from today. We know addressing societal challenges demands collaboration between businesses leaders, civil society and government. Together, we must redefine the systems that mold our Nation's future.

Our services

Strategic Policy Development

Crafting and refining policies aligned with legal restrictions and international standards for comprehensive anti-corruption strategies.

Research and Development

Continuous efforts in developing critical tools for good governance and anti-corruption, staying at the forefront of innovation.

Outreach Programs

Impactful initiatives raising awareness about corruption’s ills and promoting good governance in communities and organizations.

Anti-Corruption Consulting

Expert guidance for companies and government agencies in developing and implementing effective anti-corruption policies.

Training Programs

Specialized sessions for executive committees and boards, fostering strategic decision-making in anti-corruption efforts

Advisory Services

Proactive solutions, including compliance, risk assessments, policy enhancement, and mock audits for anti-corruption initiatives.

Standards Development

Active contribution to shaping ethical standards and best practices in anti-corruption, ISO compliance leadership.

Whistleblower Protection Advocacy

Convening the Nigeria standard on whistleblower protection, advocating for strong measures and awareness initiatives.

Good Governance Promotion

Chairing verification and validation subcommittee NIS 901, promoting ethical practices for good governance across sectors.

More than 20 years of impact

11,000+ community members across Nigeria

200 +

Executives Trained

5 +

Organizations & Agencies


Trainings Conducted


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10 Ayanboye, Anthony,
Lagos Nigeria


+234 802 325 6621


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